Is HIIT Running Safe: Avoid Dangers with a Safe Workout Warmup

Image of person stretching before HIIT Workout

When people think about interval training, it’s natural to wonder if there are any dangers associated with HIIT training. The short answer is yes, there are some dangers to working out at such a high intensity. It can be dangerous because of the intense nature of a HIIT workout.

The good news is that, as with any workout regiment, a good warmup can help to decrease the risks associated with HIIT training exponentially.
Warming up before you begin your workout is something that you should include every single time that you exercise. Since HIIT training is done with such intensity, it’s especially important that you make sure your muscles are warm and loose before you start to put them under the stress that high interval training brings.

The warmup phase of your exercise routine is about more than just getting your muscles loose. Your brain needs this time to physiologically prepare the body for the breakdown that comes with working out strenuously. This will help your body cope with the strain that the intervals bring on the body, and it will endure the process much better.

Your HIIT workout warmup should be strong enough to get your heart pumping, but not so difficult that you can’t carry on a conversation while you are doing it. That’s the test. Can you carry on a conversation while you are warming up? If you can, you’re on the right track. If you can’t, then you need to dial it back a bit. Your goal is to prepare your mind and body for the strain that a HIIT workout will bring.

More oxygen flowing through your body will help your muscles as you are engaged in your workout. The easier it is for the oxygenated blood to get to your muscles, the more benefits you will gain from the HIIT workout itself. Your muscles are able to contract better with the increased blood flow, and your flexibility is increased as well.

This makes your body more efficient and pliable. A strong HIIT workout warmup is beneficial for your joints as well. A lot of people are wonder if HIIT training is safe for the knees. A solid warmup is helping with your joints as well. There are some big muscle groups on both sides of the knee joints, so a strong warmup routine will undoubtedly aid the muscles and take stress off the joints.

You’ll be able to work out harder, faster, and with more intensity when you add a solid HIIT workout warmup to all your interval training. You’ll be able to minimize the risks associated with training with such intensity and maximize the benefits of each and every HIIT workout that you can handle. Learn more by reading this post HIIT Running Workout: Consequence of My Alabama Health Insurance Journey.