HIIT Running Workout: Consequence of My Alabama Health Insurance Journey

Picture of HIIT Runner working out

Here’s the deal. If you want to run fast, you have to train fast. Did you know that you can get lower rates on your health insurance by being healthy? There’s no better workout for a busy professional who wants to stay healthy than HIIT Running.

I know you’re busy. A few years (maybe more) out of college, just starting a new career path that will hopefully sustain you for years to come. In Alabama, the insurance industry is taking notice of some factors that mean lower rates for all insurance clients.

I’m pretty health conscious myself. I’m an athlete as well as an insurance agent, although I wish that I worked for Eversure Insurance here in Alabama. I understand the benefit of a HIIT running workout. You might be asking yourself what exactly is a HIIT running workout? I’m glad you asked.

HIIT running workouts are high-intensity workouts in very short intervals. You’re going to have to be mobile, and ready to sweat. So many professional athletes have reaped the benefits of a HIIT running workout. Why? It’s simple, interval training is the only clear way to build speed. Professional athletes need this speed for their job security.

The beauty of a HIIT running workout is that it can be done in a short amount of time. The added benefit? You’ll get in fantastic shape doing so. The short bursts of speed help to push more oxygen-rich blood through your system. More oxygen equals a stronger heart. Your cardiovascular system will thank you. So will your muscles.

Muscles need oxygen-rich blood to grow, heal, and perform their best. They actually thrive on it. Your insurance agent will love the new you, and you’ll enjoy the new premiums accessible to someone who is in great shape. Your muscles become more coordinated and efficient at using the oxygenated blood. What all this means for you is that a HIIT running workout is not only great for your body but also for your pocketbook.

HIIT running workouts are a relatively simple concept to understand. The acronym HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. What that means to the layperson is that you’re going to sprint at intervals of 10 to 60 seconds over a short distance.

These workouts aren’t easy by any means. They are specific and targeted. You’ll know you’ve been exercising after running a single HIIT workout. It’s important to understand that these aren’t workouts you can just jump into as someone who hasn’t been running on a regular basis.

Most of the experts on the subject agree that you should be running on a regular basis. About 4-5 times a week and you should be comfortable running at a speed that’s almost a minute or so faster than your normal mile pace.

HIIT running workouts can cause injury, which no insurance agent (or agency) in Alabama wants to see, so it’s vital that you are ready to take your running workouts to the next level. For a young professional like yourself, I know that you’re already taking care of yourself. This might just be the running workout you need to fit your busy schedule.

I’ve included a few examples of the type of HIIT running workout you can utilize to best fit your health and workout goals.

Outdoor HIIT Workouts

The beauty of these workouts is that they can be done anywhere. All you really need access to is an open space, and you’re ready to go. You can do these workouts on a track, or in a more natural landscape. These running interval workouts are sure to keep you engaged and excited about pushing the limits of your body.
If you’re close to a hill, you can use that to run uphill at a fast pace all the way to the top. You can then take about double that time to make your way down. Rinse and repeat for a few repetitions, or until you’re exhausted.

What you want to be careful of is allowing yourself too much rest. It’s essential with running interval workouts to keep your muscles fatigued to keep them working.

HIIT Running Plan

Another easy way is to take yourself on a 20 – 30-minute run/walk and use that time to incorporate the HIIT concepts. Bursts of about 30-45 seconds with 60 seconds of walking will give you a workout like you didn’t think possible. This is one of the best HIIT running workouts to get you accustomed to the concepts of high-intensity interval training.

I understand that a young, professional person like yourself is always looking to find the best ways to maximize your time and energy. The HIIT running workout is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Not to mention the fact that you can get some great discounts on health insurance in AL that will make the fruits of your efforts much sweeter.