Foods that Help ADHD Symptoms

food for adhd

Best Food for ADHD: Foods that Curb ADHD Symptoms

ADHD is a serious obstacle that possesses the power to hinder individuals diagnosed with the condition from living a satisfying life. For this reason, it is vital that sufferers of the condition actively and consistently manage the condition’s symptoms through medicinal and traditional means, particularly, by watching what they eat and only consuming the best food for ADHD. According to numerous ADHD studies, the consumption of certain foods can intensify ADHD symptoms in individuals who have been diagnosed with the condition.

The food combinations itemized in the following list of best food for ADHD work to improve the condition’s symptoms.

Best Food for ADHD

-Low carbohydrate, high protein (particularly for breakfast)

A well-known adage is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, most ADHD diagnosed individuals rely on breakfast cereal and a cup of fruit juice during this time of day. What they do not know is that breakfast cereals are heavy laden with carbohydrates and sugar, a combination that has been scientifically proven to worsen ADHD symptoms. Instead, one should opt for eggs (protein), a small cup of apple juice (most other juice types are full of artificial sugars which are bad for the ADHD brain) and a bowl of oatmeal/ a slice or two of whole grain bread (both of which contain complex carbs).


Although water is technically not food, it is worth noting that since the human brain is made of 80 percent water, any food item that has the power to rehydrate the brain works to positively boost the brain’s capabilities. It goes without saying that any drinks that have a dehydrating ability such as coffee, teas, soda, or Gatorade should be avoided and replaced with water. Remember that only pure water counts as water.

-Lean, High-Quality Proteins

Lean proteins are considered to be the best food for ADHD because the body utilizes protein-rich food items to manufacture neurotransmitters which work to balance out one’s blood sugar levels. Therefore, the only types of meat you should purchase for consumption are those which do not contain any chemicals and should include lean beef, pork, poultry, beans, nuts, and soy. The simplest and easy-to-remember meat product purchasing tip is that you avoid buying any meat/ meat product whose food label consists of a chemical you cannot pronounce. Chances are that it is bad for your health and more probably, bad for the ADHD affected brain.

-Complex Carbohydrates

It is vital that an ADHD diagnosed individual avoid simple carbs (such as waffles and bread) in favor of complex carbs as they are noted to cause effects which are similar to those produced by processed sugar on the ADHD brain. This is because the processed carbs are quickly metabolized to produce glucose, which is fundamentally a sugar. The result of this instance is that the body responds by producing insulin, a compound which works to drive raise one’s blood sugar levels drastically. In contrast, the sugars contained in complex carbs are processed more slowly by the body and effectively allow for a sustained and gradual blood sugar release.  If you are having trouble eating the right foods, you can always find natural supplements for ADHD from many online locations.

Summary of the Foods ADHD Diagnosed Individuals SHOULD AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Sugar- As a prime ADHD diet rule, artificial/ processed sugar ought to be eliminated from the diet because it causes one’s blood sugar to spike. For an individual with ADHD, this can be quite problematic as it negatively affects his/her focus levels. When the blood sugar of the ADHD diagnosed individual spikes downwards, they lack focus. On the other hand, when their blood sugar spikes upwards, they suffer from the extreme end of hyperactive behavior.

Fish- Although numerous studies note that the consumption of fish provides various benefits for the human brain, recent scientific studies indicate that on-going water pollution in many parts of the world has tainted the fish we currently access. In this regard, it contains high levels of mercury. Because mercury is the second-most toxic type of metal on the planet, the fish we consume can be either unhealthy or unsafe for the ADHD sufferer because it is an awful neurotoxin that only wreaks havoc on the brain. To obtain the benefits offered by fish, fish oil supplements provide the best alternative option.

Fried Foods (includes junk and fast foods) – These types of foods should be cut down by at least 90 percent because the trans-fats contained in them compete with good as well as essential fatty acids in the body. As a result, those with ADHD suffer from increased hyperactive symptoms of the disease.